Breaking The youth of Bengaluru chants the Republic revolution with Arnab

Arnab Gaswami, the former Times Now Editor-in-chief, and a journalist who was known for his 9 PM show ‘The News Hour’ appears have launched the Twitter handle and Facebook page of his latest venture ‘Republic’. While the handle (@republic) is not yet verified, two tweets were sent out from it, asking people to track the ‘revolution’. “The nation wants to know! We are now live on social. Until we hit your screens, track the revolution here! #RepublicOnSocial,” read the firs tweet along with a sketch of Arnab Goswami. “We are on the brink of shaking up the system all over again. Join the @Republic movement. #RepublicOnSocial,” read the second tweet. Another tweet prompted people to track the Facebook page of ‘Republic’.




By: K Bharat on Sunday, January 8th, 2017

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