Crowd Gives Non-Stop Applause & Cheer to Yogi’s Savage Reply Over ‘Encounter Killings’

Ever since Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath has come to power, the rising number of encounter killings in the state has left many baffled. But according to the CM, these encounter killings were needed to check crime. Soon after he came in power he stated to criminals, “Agar apradh karenge toh thok diye jayenge (if they commit crimes, they will be knocked down).”

After three months, the data proves that this was not a mere threat. Reportedly, 433 encounters took place in six months, until October 5, 2017. In these encounters, total 19 criminals were killed and 89 were declared injured. Even a police officer also died during one of the encounters, while 98 officers were injured.


While BJP government claims that this will eventually decrease crime rate in the state – as criminals will have fear of being killed. But many are opposing this decision, saying that this will give direct power to police and other security forces to kill criminals, and this power could even be abused.

In a recent interview with investigative journalist Rahul Kanwal, Adityanath was questioned about these encounter killings. Kanwal asked, “NHRC data shows 433 criminals slayed in encounters in UP. This is 21st century. You say criminals will either have to go jail or to Yamraj. What’s this?”

In response to his question, Adityanath said, “So should I do Aarti of criminals?”

Kanwal clearly didn’t expect such blunt answer. So, he just goes blank. Meanwhile, the crowd gave non-stop applaud and cheer to the UP CM.

Watch the video:


By: M Thakur on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017