You Won’t Believe What Modi Made Rahul Gandhi Do!

We all know what kind of “liberals” the entire Gandhi clan is. Remember the time when Mrs Sonia Gandhi questioned the authenticity of Ramayana? Well, you would come across such demeaning instances if you research on the Gandhis.

And it’s better if we even don’t talk about Rahul Gandhi. Although he identifies himself as a Hindu Brahmin, his anti-Hindu sentiments are well known to all. Furthermore, the way he went on to establish the culture of India as one preferring dynasties in front of the world, it goes on to prove the kind of love he harbors for his own country.

But then again, the burning desire to win elections makes people do so many disparate things. We all know that Gujarat is being ruled by BJP since years, and so, to make his mark and presence felt in Gujarat, Gandhi played (or at least tried to) a master stroke.

On his recent visit to Vadodara, which comes right ahead of the Gujarat assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi visited the auspicious Salia Kabir temple in the city. However, on visiting there, he did not just offer prayer to the deity there but also sat with the satsang to do kirtan there!!

Yes – you hear us right! And to make our stance clearer, we present to you a video taken at the temple while RaGa was performing the kirtan. Take a look:

By: Shah on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017