‘The Wire’ exposed after framing false allegations over Jay Amit Shah’s Company

A leftist media house, ‘The Wire’ has always proclaimed itself as an independent media house despite its consistent anti-establishment reports. From formulating fake stories against BJP, Hindus and PM Modi, ‘The Wire’ has done everything when it comes to deframing the ruling government.

So, recently, when the media house came with a big “expose” regarding Jay Amit Shah’s company earning revenues 16,000 times more than the last year, everyone literally started pointing fingers at the Modi government for illegally backing the company up. In the wake of Gujarat elections, such stories may have serious repercussions.

The article was penned by Rohini Singh, an infamous “journalist” who was thrown out of the Economic Times for framing false articles and stories against the Anandiben Patel and her supposed involvement in scams. Now, she is back to “journalism” with ‘The Wire’.

Here’s a snapshot of the article which she recently penned for the leftist media house against Jay Amit Shah:

As per the article, Jay had been a failed businessman, who started gaining revenues as soon as Modi became the prime minister. However, we have only two points to add here: firstly, the “failed” company did not have Jay Shah as its director from the very inception. He was appointed so only in January 2015, after which it started gaining revenues. Secondly, “Revenues” or “Turnover” refers to total sales or service income. “Profit” or “loss” refers to such Revenues minus all expenses incurred.

Here’s a video for you that explains every bit of this table in detail and expose ‘The Wire’ in the best possible way. Take a look:

By: Shah on Monday, October 9th, 2017