Meet Dadi Chandro Tomar – The World’s Oldest Sharpshooter

Do you still believe that Indian women are better off in houses, making rotis and looking after the guys? If so, Dadi Chandro Tomar will ‘blow’ your mind.

We know that dadis are quite hard to please, but Dadi Chandro Tomar isn’t one of your regular dadis – this dadi is all swag! At 82 years, she is the world’s oldest sharpshooter who does not miss a target.

An inspiration to many, you would be shocked to know that she started training only at 65, and is now the deadliest dadi ever!

And, yes. She does the household chores with as ease as she shoots her targets. Have a look at the charismatic Dadi Chandro Tomar in this video:

Lesson: Determination and hard-work can help you succeed at anything! You just have to want it enough. Remember that. 

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By: P Shah on Monday, October 17th, 2016

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