The wait is over. Arvind Kejriwal is back and back with bang.

After Rahul Gandhi, if there’s someone that people love to troll is Arvind Kejriwal. Just like RaGa, he has also given people good opportunities to take a dig at him. When he joined politics everybody thought this well-educated IITian will change the face of Indian politics for good. But he ended up being another minister who makes false promises just to gain votes.

Many ministers after winning the elections enjoy their privileges instead of doing anything good for the nation. But Kejriwal on the other hand, made use of Twitter to share his “valuable opinion” about various Hindi movies.

Here’s a list of his tweets that proves that he never misses a chance of giving reviews of Hindi movies:

But after losing elections in Punjab and Goa, maybe he thought of changing his strategy and using Twitter less. So, there were no Anti-Modi or Anti-central government tweets from his side. Plus, he even stopped reviewing movies for quite some time.

Now, the man is back with the bang on Twitter and has done what he does the best. He has “Reviewed another Movie.” This time he spared a valuable few minutes of his life to review “Secret Superstar” of Aamir Khan.

After this tweet, people are again taking a dig at Arvind Kejriwal:

By: M Thakur on Monday, October 23rd, 2017