Video- ‘Brave’ Zee News reporter asks Rahul Gandhi to comment on Amit Shah’s son, see what happens

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was in Aklav in Anand district of Gujarat conducting a roadshow when a Zee News reporter asked him to comment on Amit Shah’s son. The question was related to the alleged impropriety in the unprecedented growth in the turnover of the company owned by Amit Shah’s son, Jay Shah.

Using this opportunity, Gandhi not only answered the question but also took a dig at both the media’s silence and Zee News’s alleged biases in favour of the BJP. The owner of Zee News, Subhash Chandra is a Rajya Sabha MP with BJP’s support.

Gandhi addressed Zee News reporter ‘Brave’ for asking such a question. He said, “Today you haven’t feared. He’s asked me a good question. He’s a special press reporter. He’s brave…. He’s very brave. He doesn’t fear Modi ji, he doesn’t fear Amit Shah ji. He’s asked me a very good question. Please ask again”

Watch the video below to see what happended and how Gandhi reacted to the question:

By: M Thakur on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017