Unlike Modi Government, Congress did nothing to save Sarabjit years ago; Congress needs to wake up

A sister’s cry was never heard by the Congress party during their tenure.  Years ago in Sarabjit Singh’s case, when his sister appealed to the Congress party to take his case to the International Court of Justice, Congress as always did not take any action against Pakistan. Besides, it did not even show any will to do it. The case was eventually lost by the family as Sarabjit got killed in an attack by the inmates of the prison.

Sarabjit’s sister is now coming out heavily on Congress for betraying her family years ago. She claims that if like Modi Government, Congress would have taken any strong action, her brother Sarabjit would have been alive.

Sarabjit’s sister has revealed that whenever she approached the then Government to help her take Sarabjit’s case to ICJ, they declined any help to her. The Congress only mocked at this helpless woman in her utter need for Justice. Congress Party has always emerged as weak and unjust party and this could be seen in the light of Kulbhushan case, wherein Modi Government is doing every possible thing to save him.

Had things been similar in 2008, Sarabjit would have been among us today.

By: Tabbu on Saturday, May 20th, 2017

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