UN Postal Admin can be labeled ‘Sanghi org’ for this new decision!

United Nations Postal Admin (UNPA) is going to issue a total of 10 stamps of $1.15 denomination on June 21st, this year. All of these 10 stamps are being released on the occasion of the International Yoga Day and hey, these stamps also depict OM symbol on them. So, these stamps must be anti-Islam, I guess?

While Yoga is being accepted, practiced and taught across the world with great enthusiasm, here in India we have people (some Muslims who think even chanting OM during a Yoga session is anti-Islam, and apologists who think it’s OK to be that stupid), objecting to Yoga being taught in schools/colleges.

Presstitutes may even start thinking that RSS must have some guy at the United Nations Postal Admin (UNPA) who played a role in deciding on issuing Yoga stamps carrying OM symbol, and yoga posture pictures.

Anyhow, it’s a great decision and we’d like to thank UNPA for this decision!

Bharat WILL once again assume its role of being a World Teacher. Do you believe it will come true in our lifetime?

By: KS Bharatiya on Thursday, April 20th, 2017

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