Turkish Muslim man caught after trying to break through the cockpit door of American Airlines Flight

In a rather bizarre incident, a Muslim man from Turkey was caught by the in-flight security team after trying to break through the cockpit door aboard an American Airlines flight en route to Honolulu from Los Angeles.

If reports are to be trusted, the man was carrying a laptop and standing near the washroom exit when a co-pilot requested him to return to his seat. On hearing this, he tried to rummage through the cockpit but failed. He was later escorted by FBI to custody on landing.

This incident also gives rise to numerous security breaches, the foremost being how could a Turkish man carry a laptop to America since according to rules, one can carry only notes and notepads at the most to and from the American cities.

Here’s a full report on the same –

By: P Shah on Saturday, May 20th, 2017

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