Tribute to Soldiers: The Big announcement of our Defense Minister

When it comes to relaxation policies made for the needy, their practical implementation is never really flawless. That’s because such policies are designed to be complicated than to provide relief, eliminating the need for them to be created in the first place! One example is the financial allowances given to the widows of martyrs in India.

Until now, this policy for martyrs’ widows had a very rigid clause attached to it – that all such women were eligible for financial aid only after marrying their demised husband’s brother!

Thankfully, our home ministry has recently terminated this illogical rule, making the widows of the deceased eligible for allowances without having to marry their brothers in law.

The existing rule, on the other hand, maintained that although all the martyrs’ widows were paid till death, they had no freedom to marry another man. They had necessarily to tie knots with one of their family members (one of the husband’s brothers) at their in-laws. Now, this condition of marrying a deceased husband’s brother exists no more.

As stated the Defense Minister, “The windows will be able to receive allowance until their death.” Under the Ministry’s notes of 1972, all the recipients of the gallantry awards should be entitled to economic allowances. “The 1972 note was replaced by a letter from the Ministry of Defense of 1995 and amended from time to time,” said the Ministry.

Now, this is one of those decisions by the government that condemn the notion that the Modi government has not been able to create new provisions and is still going orthodox. And politics aside, it’s indeed a true present for all the women in need!

Source: Daily Pioneer

By: Sharma on Monday, December 4th, 2017