‘Tharooraurus’ – Amul dedicates a cartoon on Shashi Tharoor’s penchant for obscure words

Advertisement is one of the most creative fields in media and entertainment. It requires one to convey every minute detail about a product with great precision, wit and style – without wasting a single extea word or dialogue. But open your newspaper and television set, there are only a handful of advertisements, which really strike a chord with you and move you. One such company is none other than Amul.

The utterly-butterly-delicious dairy firm always creates advertisement campaigns which go perfectly with times, critiques about the day without being too judgemental or grave. In short, Amul knows the recipe of serving the most moving topical advertisements always. And there will hardly be any person denying this.

So, recently, Amul thought of immortalizing former diplomat and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s penchant for new but obscure words in their trademark witty way, and came out with this cute ad.

While the ad was enough to make our day better and lively, what made it all the more wonderful was Shashi Tharoor’s reply to it. Like always, Shashi Tharoor nailed this goodhearted dig at him.Β In his reply, Tharoor tweeted –

Needless to say, Twitterati were smitten by Tharoor’s ingenious reply to it. Thanking Amul for “butterly” honoring him, he said he feels more like “Tharoorosaurus Rex”, or an “ancient creature soon to be extinct, snuffed out in a cloud of incomprehension….”

Such genial reply to the dairy giant simply won the hearts of Twitterati.

Shashi Tharoor’s witty reply received more than a thousand likes within a span of eight hours.

It is to be noted that Amul’s ad on Tharoor came after the Congress leader took to his Twitter account on December 13 to address those who parodied his choice of words, saying that his choice of words comes from his desire to fit his ideas into words, and not because they were obscure.


By: Shah on Saturday, December 16th, 2017