Sonia’s New Drama on Rahul Is Making People Laugh Everywhere

Now in quite an unpredictable move, the former president and senior most leader of Indian National Congress Sonia Gandhi calls Rahul Gandhi her ‘boss!’

Republic TV has accessed the letter in which the former Congress president has addressed Congress leaders, saying the new party president is her boss too. Now, how other parties and common masses are looking at this is Sonia seeking support from all the members for Rahul ahead of the 2019 general elections!

With Rahul Taking New Responsibilities, Is Sonia Feeling Insecure? 

Earlier in the ending year 2017, Rahul was elected the new president of Indian National Congress. And prior to this, Sonia ruled the party for about to decades. And since Rahul held the chair amid the party facing lots of problems, not every member could possibly trust him in terms of the ability to hold everybody together!

And keeping this in mind, Sonia has now sought support (help?) from Congress leaders, saying –

‘In the meantime, we have elected a new Congress President and on your behalf and on my own, I wish him all the very best. He is now my boss too—let there be no doubt about that – and I know that all of you will work with him with the same dedication, loyalty and enthusiasm as you did with me.  I am confident that we will work cohesively under his leadership to revive our Party’s fortunes.’

Well, while Sonia’s intentions behind all this are quite clear, people didn’t really seem to like her promoting  her son like this. At least this is what their reactions on Twitter tell.

Have a look:

Let’s tell you that Sonia had become Congress president in the year 1998 and she stayed there for almost two decades. And the party is looking Rahul’s appointment as the party president as a new chapter. And probably this is what made Sonia take this initiative of talking to all the party members.

Source: Republic World 

By: Sharma on Thursday, February 8th, 2018