Bollywood Diva Sonam Kapoor Just Called US President Donald Trump An “Imbecile”

When it comes to speaking out against the wrongs and ills housed in the society, Bollywood stars have always talked their minds. This stands particularly true for the leading ladies of the contemporary times, who broke all the shackles and norms of the society to talk whatever they wished to and take a stand against the wrongs, be it Swara Bhaskar’s “Me too” story, Kangana Ranaut’s fight against the Hrithik Roshan or Deepika Padukone coming out clear on depression.

And when it comes to speaking out against the wrongs and societal evils, Sonam Kapoor always had a big mouth and showcased great courage. Remember how she penned the incredibly fiery open letter, “I didn’t wake up like this?” Well, the ‘Neerja’ actress has made it to the news once again for similar reasons – this time she did it by calling the US President Donald Trump an “imbecile”.

Yes, you heard it right. This out-and-out criticism came after Trump allowed elephant and other hunting trophies to be brought to the United States legally. The tweet was first made by famous Hollywood celebrity Ellen DeGeneres, who said that President Trump has quietly allowed such atrocity to be committed openly in the US.

Soon the fearless Indian actress took notice of that and retweeted the same, saying it’s high time people learn something from India and stop hurting animals. Take a look at what the actress tweeted:

Well, this is not the first time that the actress has criticized Donald Trump. Earlier, when Trump demeaned Meryl Steep, calling her an overrated actress, Sonam Kapoor criticized the US President on Twitter.


By: Shah on Monday, March 12th, 2018