Six Tweets Prove Shashi Tharoor is “Hypocrisy Personified”

Have you watched Shashi Tharoor speak on India-specific issues on international platforms? We have. He normally dominates his opponents and takes a pro-India stand in a very articulate manner. Intellectual Indians admire him for this very reason.

BUT, what people don’t know is the fact that he happens to just like any other Congress leader – hypocrite to the core and always subservient to the (Fake) Gandhi family – no matter what. He is an articulate person, yes, but he is also hypocrisy personified – from head to toe!

Shown below are X tweets of Shashi Tharoor that drive home the point:

  1. Shashi Tharoor is a WILD LIFE LOVER. 

2. Shashi thinks its OK to kill goats on Bakr-id. Congress leader also finds no harm in Muharram mourners putting a fine, bloody display on streets. 

Even though he is okay with animal sacrifice on Bakr-Id… he was PETA’s person of the year.

3. While Kapil Sibbal (Congress Leader) went to court to defend 1000 year old Triple Talaq, Shashi (Congress leader) thinks Hindus should just stick to ‘light’ and make no ‘sound.’

4. For Shashi, firecrackers are unholy if Hindus use them. If someone else (or Shashi’s partymen) burst crackers.. its ‘terrific fireworks display’

5. Killing crores of goats is OK.. even merciless killing of animals (Halaal) is OK.. but ancient bull festival of ancient India – not OK for Shashi.

6.  Shashi does not like Bullet Trains if the credit goes to Narendra Modi.

But, world’s no. 1 economist, our former PM Manmohan Singh gave green signal to early initiatives of GoI to bring in Bullet Trains. Shown below is a news screenshot from that time:

And how can we forget, Shashi Tharoor saw the legendary ‘Bhagat Singh’ in ‘Kanhaiya Kumar’ just as Salman Khurshid saw ‘Vivekananda’ in Rahul Gandhi.

Recently, Shashi Tharoor penned an article and said that he is an Indian nationalist and not a Hindu nationalist. We think it would be great if he learns to be a good, rational human being first!

By: kamal on Thursday, October 12th, 2017