Shock or Shame; 1000 Pakistanis run like crazy for Biryani in a wedding

And they want Kashmir. Why doesn’t Pakistan look into its biggest problems of poverty and hunger than wasting money on wars and terrorism?  Your brain will also force you to think like this when you will watch this shocking video where a crowd of 1,000 Pakistanis could be seen running crazy for eating Biryani in a wedding.

The crowd turned the wedding into a gross and filthy affair by climbing upon each other to get the first bite of Biryani. Now you only tell, what do these radicals fight for when they can’t even feed their own people? How on earth would they feed the people of Kashmir? Yeah; only if they’ll (or the Kashmiris for that matter) ever get this in this life.

Hilarious and horrible story of horrible Pakistanis. Look:


By: Tabbu on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

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