See what Rahul Gandhi is saying and this man aspires to become India’s PM

In our mundane and mechanical everyday life, there seems to arrive a point when you take refuge in the comedies presented by stand-up comedians to usher in some laughter on a daily basis. And it is really healthy – after all, laughing is good for health. However, not all stand-up comedians present skits or performances on a daily basis, except one. And that is none other than Rahul Gandhi.

Time and again Rahul Gandhi has proved his mettle as a great stand-up comedian, if not as a good politician. And his public meetings and lectures bear testimony to the fact. From his epic statement, ‘poverty is just a state of mind’ to ‘India is the Saudi Arabia of 21st century’, Rahul Gandhi has never failed to tickle everyone with his genial comic timing. And yet, he is regarded as the rising star of Indian politics (yes, at 47 years of age, he is still considered as Gen-ex of Indian politics).

Do you disagree with us? Well, here’s furnishing a video which showcases pretty well the caliber Rahul Gandhi harbors as far as comedy is concerned. In this video, Rahul can be seen talking about making a machine where you put potatoes from one end and churn out gold from the other. Like what?  And his rant does not end here. If you love Rahul’s lecture for his comic talks, you are surely going to love it. Watch it here –

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By: Shah on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017