See how Indian cricket fans line up outside Australian team hotel to apologize for the bus attack

In a seemingly heartwarming gesture, Indian cricket fans lined up outside the Australian cricket team’s hotel in Guwahati to apologize for a bus attack that shocked both the teams yesterday.

After Australia’s win over India in the T20 International held in Guwahati’s Busapara Stadium, an angered fan tried to attack the Australian team bus by throwing a rock inside their bus. Although the attack did not physically harm any cricketer, it did manage to shatter one of the windows of the bus to pieces.

The Australian cricket board said the rock was “believed to be roughly the size of a cricket ball” and had ended up inside the bus. In a report, they further said:

In a remarkable piece of good fortune, no one was sitting on the seat next to the window when it was broken.

While no one was injured, the Australian players were understandably shaken up by the incident.

It is not the first time that Australian cricket team has been struck by such a catastrophe. Around five weeks back, their bus was hit by a rock in Bangladesh, while returning to the team hotel following the first day`s play in the second and final test match in Chittagong.

By: Shah on Thursday, October 12th, 2017