Secular Courts of India: Just check the secularism of Indian Courts in a nutshell.

Some of us very proudly say that we have a secular nation. This means everyone in the country is expected not to hurt the religious sentiments of others and treat everyone. If we look at other secular countries, the majorities are often given an edge over the minorities. However, this is not the case in India. In our country, the majority is being suppressed and only one community is always given all the appeasement.

Every political party, media house, and even the Courts appease the Peaceful of the nation. Many libtards keep mocking Hindu festivals and some even feel proud to be called Anti-Hindu. What sort of secularism is it?

We’re not saying that minorities should be suppressed in any way, but mocking festivals of one community by saying ‘these customs are bad for environment’ and accepting ‘the bloodshed in the name of festivals by other community’ is also not right.

See what Barkha recently tweeted about Hindu festival Karwachauth:

But she doesn’t find Barkha doesn’t find Bakr-Eid regressive, strange!

Not only Barkha Dutt, even Dia Mirza has same beliefs. She writes ill about Hindu Festival Holi:

Dia Mirza feels pride on being called Anti Hindu. On the other hand, she doesn’t mind the streets get flooded with Blood on Eid. Just check the image of the street of Dhaka on Eid Ul Azah-

For her, Eid is all about PEACE, but Holi is regressive!!

In fact, even Indian Courts don’t want to interfere in the matters of minor community. See the picture below:

This is the SECULAR nation we’re living in!!

By: M Thakur on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017