Sanjay Jha gets befitting reply when he tried to mock Paresh Rawal and Anupam Kher

Without proper knowledge and updating themselves with correct facts, some of the Congress leaders take Twitter to mock Modi government but mostly their stupid strategies backfire. This time Sanjay Jha of Congress, who’s also known as Troll Master of Congress, tried to tried to mock Paresh Rawal, who recently joined BJP to serve nation and Anupam Kher, who’s not linked to BJP but often called Modi Bhakt due to his pro-BJP stances.

Jha took to Twitter to attack actors-turned-politicians in his utterly stupid tweet:

In this tweet, he retweeted a Times Now’s video where a BJP spokesperson said most of our Film Stars are low on IQ and GK. The onus was on Paresh Rawal and Anupam Kher.

Known for his wit on Twitter, Paresh Rawal gave Jha a befitting reply that he’ll remember for sure. This is what Paresh Rawal replied:

What a savage reply! Maybe after this Jha will keep shut for a few weeks or try to think before mocking anyone.

By: M Thakur on Monday, October 23rd, 2017