1984 Anti-Sikh Riot Leader Sajjan Kumar Misbehaves With Republic TV Reporter

Congress has called for a massive Bharat Bandh today, urging all the opposition parties to come together and protest against the atrocities of the ruling BJP against the common people. This strike comes amid obnoxious rise in fuel prices in the country, including a rampant rise in the prices of cooking gas, which are bare necessities.

Although many of the opposition parties have joined Congress in protesting against the ruling BJP, what has indeed made this protest absolutely shameful and disgraceful is how Congress has brought in Sajjan Kumar to lead the protest in the Indian capital, New Delhi. It may be noted here that Sajjan Kumar has been a disgraceful politician for the Congress party, who is known to have lead the gruesome anti-Sikh riots in 1984. It may be noted here that at least 3,000 people from the Sikh community were killed during the riots that followed the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

What made this present-day scenario even worse is the way Sajjan Kumar behaved with a Republic TV reporter named Piyush. This morning, when the reporter was attempted to speak to Sajjan Kumar relating to the bandh, all Sajjan Kumar did was say “sorry” repeatedly. As if it was not humiliating enough to a reporter just doing his duty, Kumar proceeded to charge him – even showing him a physically demeaning gesture. Not just Kumar, other aides of him also accosted Piyush.

A short while later, when Republic TV asked Congress Delhi Chief Ajay Maken about the presence of Sajjan Kumar in the Delhi protests, he simply kept mum over the incident and said, “Let’s talk about Bharat Bandh.” It may be noted here that Sajjan Kumar is being probed by an SIT in two cases pertaining to the killing of three Sikhs during the riots. Here’s a video of how Kumar manhandled the Repubic TV journalist. Take a look –


By: Shah on Monday, September 10th, 2018