Sagarika’s Tweets Show she’s confused if she is Hindu or Muslim

The cracker ban in Delhi has become a never-ending debate between two communities now. Every day people are sharing there different opinions on the matter. While some people are supporting the decision considering it’s good for the environment, others are opposing it saying only traditional festivals of the major community are being targeted by people but no one questions the bloodshed during the festivities of minor community.

Now, journalist Sagarika Ghose has jumped into the matter and shared her views on Twitter. But her tweets are clearly showing that she is actually confused whether she is Hindu or Muslim. On her confused response on Hindu festivals, columnist Tarek Fatah addresses her as a guilt-ridden Hindu and here’s the image that he has shared with his tweet.

The image shows two different opinions of Ghose – one of her opinions is a sarcastic response to the cracker ban on Diwali. She tweets, “I’m a proud Hindu, therefore, I must destroy my lungs and my children’s because asserting religious identity more imp than life itself!” In her other tweet, she says, “a few seconds of azaan rocks the foundations of ancient Hinduism? Kya nonsense hai.”

In response to her tweets, one Twitter user suggest her to convert herself to another religion if she is so uncomfortable with Hinduism. And we couldn’t agree more. We understand the ill effects and pollution caused by crackers, but we think that defaming one religion in order to support other is also not right.

By: M Thakur on Thursday, October 12th, 2017