Sagarika Ghose’s anti-BJP stance lands her in trouble yet again; gets seamlessly trolled on Twitter

When it comes to harboring anti-BJP stance, some of the “leading” journalists ace it perfectly. No matter how effort the government gives to make all citizens happy and live peacefully, certain journalists are always busy picking flaws here and there. Gone are the days when the job of a journalist was to provide accurate news to people, without letting show any kind of prejudice towards anyone or any party on their articles. Nowadays, it all about harboring a propaganda and spreading it like a wildfire among people.

One of the premier journalists of the country who falls under the same category is Sagarika Ghose. Known for her anti-Hindu and anti-national stance, she leaves no stone unturned to criticize and ridicule the government even when there’s no reason to do that.

The latest case in point is a tweet where she claimed that BJP is losing Gujarat elections, whereas surveys suggest exactly the opposite. While one understands her sentiments for the Congress party, sharing something unverified on social media is definitely not commendable. Here’s what she wrote –

Needless to say, she had to face the brunt of critics for such a comment. Have a look at how she was trolled on Twitter –

Some people pinpointed at the flaw in her narrative and how she has been trying to impose her propaganda on others –

And she was trolled and grilled ridiculously for her comments –

According to latest survey reports by TOI, Gujarat Elections may just be a very heated battle between the ruling BJP and Congress. The former may, however, just win the elections with 99+ seats in the 182-member state assembly while Congress could bag anything between 78 to 86 seats.

Reports further say that while Congress is leagues ahead in South and North Gujarat, the ruling BJP has established its supremacy in Saurashtra and central Gujarat. The traditional urban-rural divide continues to play out, with BJP dominant in urban areas and Congress comfortably ahead in the villages, suggested the poll.

By: Shah on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017