Sagarika Ghose posts fake news on social media – deletes and apologizes after people react

The Hindu-Muslim issue has always been a sensitive one in India. Although there are certain people, groups and political parties which try their level best to designate both these communities as equals, there are certain ‘liberal’ presstitutes who try to make use of this tense situation to create further rift between people.

One such presstitute couple is Rajdeep and Sagarika Ghose. Two of the most profound ‘liberals’ of our country, they hate anything and everything that has Modi associated with. And to defame Modi, they can stoop to any extent.

One such attempt was recently made by Sagarika where she claimed on social media that Muslims are being ‘mobbed and killed’.

And this is how Twitteratti chose to attack her false news till she repented –

However, Sagarika could neither afford to lose much followers considering the ‘presstitute’ that she is nor could she establish a proper debate (considering it was such a baseless news). So, she went ahead and apologized –

By: P Shah on Saturday, May 20th, 2017

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