A Massive Security Breach Unmasked As 27 Rohingya Illegal Immigrants Get SIM Cards

In what seems like a massive breach in security in Jammu and Kashmir, as many as 27 Rohingya families have been found with Indian SIM cards. This puts a question mark to the security system in the Valley as issuance of these SIM cards could mean quite a bit of danger for India.

As known to all, Rohingya Muslims are not Indians but have found their way from Myanmar to India and have been staying here as illegal immigrants. So, the issuance of SIM cards to these families stand a bit on the trickier side since they are devoid of all the major documents needed to get SIM cards. Furthermore, nowadays, the cards also have to be linked to Aadhar card, which seemingly makes it all the more difficult to get a SIM card. And the only card that only some of these illegal immigrants have is the UNDP card, which does not necessarily beget a SIM card of any particular country.

This brings the government to yet another important question – who is helping these Rohingya Muslims? Who are the people or agencies that have been issuing these SIM cards to the illegal immigrants? Is this yet another plot of Pakistan and/or the Jihadi extremist outfits in Kashmir to spread more terror in India? Furthermore, the fact that these illegal immigrants have been provided with PAN Card and Aadhar Card fraudulently also brings us to yet another demographic problem.

Are the Rohingya Muslims trying to seep into the population of India? Here’s a detailed news video for you to know more about the incident:

By: Shah on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018