When Rajat Sharma questioned Rishi on not tweeting about RaGa yet, Rishi’s reply was absolutely BANG ON!

Rishi Kapoor may have been a flamboyant actor onscreen – both in his heydays and now – but the 65-year-old does not fail to mesmerize his fans off-screen with his flamboyance and carefree attitude.

Like most actors today, the senior actor makes sure to make his presence felt on social media. However, he mostly fails to stay in everyone’s good books as his opinions often leads to humiliate one or the other. In short, his social media appearance has led him into a kind of love-hate relationship with his followers and fans.

Despite an underlying arrogance in his words, it is his carefree, tell-all attitude that his fans simply adore. He is one who does not care to make himself appear to be all good and, likewise, does not mince his words before speaking. Keeping this in mind, his good words showered over PM Narendra Modi and the minister of textiles, and information and broadcasting, Smriti Irani were absolutely unmissable.

In an exclusive interview on ‘Aap Ki Adaalat’, the Kapoor lad was seen telling all the reasons which prompt him to praise PM Modi and harbor a great respect for the I&B minister of India, Smriti Irani. The best part of this interview was that he did not go about blindly praising these stalwart politicians. Rather, he kept a critical approach on them while showering accolades.

On the other hand, he spoke a line on Rahul Gandhi.  You may not have known that Rishi Kapoor admires a thing about Rahul Gandhi as well. But you might just crack down in laughter when you listen to what exactly it is.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the episode on India TV. Here’s a video snippet from the interview exclusively for you. Watch till the end of the video to get his views on the Gandhi scion.

Rishi Kapoor Praises PM Narendra Modi and Smriti Irani in Aap Ki Adalat

Posted by Narendra Modi – True Indian on 2 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2018

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By: Shah on Monday, February 5th, 2018