Raveena Tandon Slamming Rana Ayyub’s “OSM Youth Icon” Nomination Is Absolutely On Point

Rana Ayyub is regarded as one of the foremost journalists of the country. An out-an-out supporter of Pakistan and all the anti-national elements of India, Rana Ayyub surprisingly enjoys a great fan following in India – especially from the “young guns” of JNU.

As might be known, Rana Ayyub is not unknown to controversies – her own Twitter account is a breeding ground of controversies, especially with her anti-Indian remarks making to the headlines almost every single day. She also leaves no stone unturned to accuse the Hindus of terrorism and all sort of malfunctions within the country.

Rana Ayyub’s hatred for the Hindus and everything Indian can be seen in her book, “Gujarat Files”, where she literally dissects the Godhra riots in Gujarat and very efficiently turned the entire fury against the then chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi. The book is instance enough to judge Rana Ayyubs hatred for the Hindus and anything Indian.

Yet, the Indians love to shower accolades over this person so much that she has been nominated for the OSM Youth Icon of the year. Yea – you heard it right; the anti-national journalist has been nominated as the foremost youth icon of the country. True enough, she is indeed icon to hundreds of youths of JNU, who are ready to wage a war against the Indian establishment.

However, there are still some people who understand the politics of the arrangement pretty well. Some of them also harbors the courage to speak against it openly without caring a bit for reputation. The person we are now talking about is none but ’90s actress Raveena Tandon. With a single tweet, she just marred the youth icon nominee and how! Take a look –

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By: Shah on Monday, April 9th, 2018