Prof. Rakesh Sinha single-handedly crushes the politics of Gandhi dynasty

The Indian National Congress has always borne the mask of being a “liberal” and “secular” political party. It has always tried to showcase how the party has had people from different religious backgrounds working together as a unit – as if it was done for the first time in India. However, beneath the mask there is a shrewd political play, which takes pleasure in dividing the country and ruling over the masses.


In short, the INC plays the same “divide and rule” politics whose harbinger was none other than the British. Their nasty vote-bank politics have always sought to give an upper hand to the Muslims and the people from other communities and failed to give the Hindus their due importance – the same Hindus who constitute of more than 80 per cent of India’s population.

Then came BJP, a party which proclaimed to be a Hindu party but which never neglected the needs of the people of other communities. Seeing them flourishing across the country with their honest work and zeal, the Rahul Gandhi-led government tried to play gruesome vote bank politics – he would turn into a devout “Shiv Bhakt” in Gujarat,  would pledge his life for the Muslims in some place and would side with the Christians in some other. In the meanwhile, he would constantly label BJP as the perpetrator of “Hindu terrorism” just because the party takes pride in their Hindu heritage and culture.

Ripping this hypocrisy apart, which is inherent in the INC, Professor Rakesh Sinha slammed all the Congis in his debate on News Hour in Times Now. Even Times Now upheld this debate as their “most explosive prime time debate”. Watch the entire video here to know how Prof Sinha slammed the entire Gandhi dynasty for their hypocrisy and dark politics –

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By: Shah on Friday, January 12th, 2018