Rahul Gandhi comes unprepared for press conference; cheats from chits passed on by others

In a shameful turn of events, the press conference addressed by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi saw the INC leader being passed over chits to cheat from. The news conference was held ahead of the beginning of the second phase of Gujarat elections in Ahmedabad.

Although the press meeting was called on to take BJP to task right ahead of the crucial elections, the Congress leader seemed perplexed, jittery and uncomfortable as questions kept popping up from various journalists. In fact, Rahul Gandhi was even seen ignoring many questions, specifically those that veered on the Patidar community and the secret meeting between Congress leader and the Pakistan High Commissioner to India.

However, the most interesting part (and shameful for Congress) was when Rahul Gandhi required assistance from other members of the party to “bail him out” of certain questions, which he seemingly had no idea about. This happened not once but thrice during the course of the 30-minute long press meet. While on two occasions, the other members had to budge in and answer on his behalf, on another occasion Ashok Gehlot, who was seated next to him, had to slip notes for the Congress chief to read and answer likewise.


Funny thing is that, Gandhi tried to get up in an attempt to wrap up the meet but could not manage doing so until the third time. It was quite visible that the newly-elected Congress President was absolutely unprepared for the press meeting but had to appear on pressure to have the ball on Congress’ court rather than BJP’s.

However, is yet to be seen if Congress can at all manage any seat from Ahmedabad. Here’s a video providing a glimpse of the press-meeting, where RaGa tried with all his might to cheat and answer the journalists’ questions. Take a look –

Source: RepublicWorld

By: Shah on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017