“Now you don’t have pilots…the plane is flying itself” – Rahul Gandhi’s unseen video will baffle you!

Rahul Gandhi’s intellect is one of a kind. From advising villagers to sell their handmade utensils to the people of USA to stating that poverty is just “a state of mind”, Congress’ Rahul baba has a plethora of such statements that will irritate you to no extent. But he is not done yet for you will be absolutely shell-shocked to know Rahul Gandhi’s opinion on the pilots of contemporary age.

As everyone might know, Rahul Gandhi was recently at Singapore to address the Indian diaspora. While his argument with Prasenjit K. Basu went viral across the various agencies of social media, what people do not know is that RaGa made more fun of himself in Singapore there than you can actually think of!

According to the Gandhi scion, planes are not flown by pilots anymore. In fact, there are no pilots at all but system officers get themselves dressed as pilots so that people don’t get afraid. He said:

You had pilots earlier but now you don’t have pilots, they call themselves pilots but they are basically system managers. The plane is flying itself. They are sitting there because people need to feel comfortable that know that there is a pilot.

And that’s not all. In a bid to demean the doctors and medical experts today, Rahul Gandhi said that healthcare in the 21st century is all about data – doctors and medical practitioners have literally no role to play in it. Don’t believe us? Take a look at it:

So, what do you think of Rahul Gandhi? Although his intellect was also questionable, the fact that he lacks the basic sense also did not fail to wow us even further. Are you of the same opinion as us? Please share your views on this video in the comments section below.

By: Shah on Saturday, March 10th, 2018