“Jin Jawaabon ke Sawaal ham dhoond rahe hain, wo milenge”: Raga did it again.

Rahul Gandhi is one Congress who is also known as “Pappu” for a very long list of his immature comments and actions. No matter how many times we think that this time the 50-year-old “Yuva Neta” will not make any blunder and say something logical. But he always proves us wrong and says something that makes us burst out laughing.

The continuing the “Entertainment Saga,” this time again Rahul Gandhi has done something which he does the best! He has given us another dose of laughter!

Well, just yesterday Yogi Adityanath called him “Pappu” on air. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister said,” Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is called “Pappu” because of his immature comments.” Yes, Yogi is the first BJP leader to officially call Rahul Gandhi “Pappu.”

While the Congress supporters may be filled with anger, but their very own “Pappu” Rahul Gandhi has again proved why he is given this “prestigious” title.

In this latest speech, he said, “Desh ko iss Jawaab ka Sawaal dena hi parega!!!” We’re sure you must have started laughing by now. But wait! Watch the video in which he is seeking “Questions for the Answers.”

By: M Thakur on Saturday, October 14th, 2017