Watch how Rahul Gandhi embarrassed India once again, this time at Bahrain

The politics of Indian National Congress is so much steeped in personal favors and dynasties that it ceases to see its own benefit. Had INC truly a party for the people and by the people of India, it would definitely have thought twice before making Rahul Gandhi its President.

2017 ended with BJP bagging the Gujarat and the Himachal Pradesh government. Despite the severe loses, Congress appointed Rahul Gandhi as its President – a person who cares the least about politics (remember how he was found enjoying movies right after the Gujarat loss?) and excels at embarrassing India at the international stage.

If you recall, last year in September at the UC Berkeley convention, Rahul Gandhi upheld dynasties as ruling the entire country in every field – from politics to cinema. As embarrassing as it may sound, Rahul Gandhi did not think twice before making a fun out of the entire scene.

This time, too, was not any different. The newly appointed Congress President is now in Bahrain attending the NRI convention there as the chief guest. And once again, since the moment he dared to open his mouth, he had been simply embarrassing us – the Indians.

The event was not a political campaign but perhaps the Gandhi lad mistook it to be one and launched scathing attacks on the Indian Prime Minister from there. It’s true that as political rivals, he may have apathy towards PM Modi but a foreign shore is definitely not the place to unearth those. There were perhaps greater issues which needed to be directed than this. Watch this video for more details –

By: Shah on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018