Land area RaGa claims to be given by PM Modi is approx 12 times earth’s land surface area

Maybe Congress VP doesn’t read his speeches carefully or check the facts thoroughly before speaking – or he’s just too high on drugs that he doesn’t seem to care much! No matter how many times his party tries to prove that he is an ideal “47-year-old” “Youth Leader.” But he always makes their hard work go waste by often saying something utterly Stupid!

Coming to his latest speech, this time he has tried to fake numbers to target PM Modi. But he forgot that he needed to check some facts before saying anything. As per his latest claim, Prime Minister Modi has given 45,000 crores acre land to one industrialist in Gujarat. Well, not even a school kid is going to believe him – as the figure that he has mentioned is approximately 12 times earth’s land surface area.

In response to RaGa’s baseless comment, a Twitter user has given a fitting reply. He said, “Modiji gave 450000000000 acres to only one industrialist and Earths surface has only 37000000000 acres land. Remaining land @narendramodi must have given to this industrialist on Jupiter after @OfficeOfRG Rahul Gandhi crossed its escape velocity.”

We wonder in which world RaGa lives in and what goes on in his mind all the time that the always come up with something so stupid. This indeed fails all his attempts to be a good politician, but he does manage to make us laugh everytime he tries to proof some “idiotic” facts against PM Modi.

By: M Thakur on Friday, December 1st, 2017