Proof that Samajwadi Party only understands the language of goondas and hoodlums

Opposition parties are like brats that never learn their lessons. Protests in UP Assembly and uprising against law and order show how one cannot accept defeat as it is. Behaving as Goondas in the assembly and raising questions against law and order is ironic in nature.

On the very first day of Assembly session, SP MLAs created ruckus by blowing whistles and throwing papers balls at Governor Ram Naik. The Congress people didn’t even allow the Governor to finish his speech and started throwing paper balls at him. Can there be anything more disgusting and shameful than this?

The Samajwadi Party only seems to understand one language and that is of Hooliganism. Now, it’s time that Govt must pass a law against creating such ruckus in the Assembly. Throwing objects reflects uncultured and uncivilized behavior which should not be acceptable and we think suspension should be the idea answer for it all.


By: Tabbu on Monday, May 15th, 2017

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