Pro-India supporters protest at pro-Khalistan event in London

Making the day a massacre for the pro-Khalistan supporters in London’s iconic Trafalgar Squre, a group of patriotic Hindu-Sikh community gathered at the area on the same day and time to mar the former’s anti-India event. The pro-India group had placards and showed their resistance to the anti-India powers by singing patriotic songs and dancing to the accompaniments of loud dhol. They were seen waving the Indian flags high up in the air and chanting pro-India slogans.

According to reports by the Hindustan Times, the Hindu-Sikh community included members of the Overseas Friends of BJP group. The President of this community, Kuldeep Shekhawat claimed that in stopping the pro-Khalistan activity, the Hindu-Sikh community were able mar the British government’s hidden and age-old agenda of siding with the causes of Pakistan and Khalistan, thus breaking India even further.

It may be noted here that the event was called upon by the Sikhs for Justice group in London’s Trafalgar Square, a community which backed by pro-Khalistan supporters. Their endeavour was to issue what they called a “London declaration” to hold the “referendum” for the independence of Punjab from India in 2020. In fact, many pro-Khalistan supporters had travelled all the way from various other countries of Europe to participate in the event. The event, as many reports claim, was backed by Pakistani elements.

As the pro and anti-India groups engaged in a noisy face-off in the Trafalgar Square, there was innumerable police personnel who were trying to segregate the groups. The Indian authorities had also earlier requested the British government to not allow the Sikh For Justice group to hold this meet. However, this plea was denied by the British government on the ground of freedom of expression, which further led to a strain in the Indo-Britain relationship.

According to Shekhawat:

Relations between India and Britain are strained at the moment. Giving permission for this event will not help. Britain is clearly encouraging separatist activity. We came here to give out the message that we stand for a united India.

Notably, the pro-Khalistan group even comprised of children and women holding anti-India placards, demanding “freedom”.

By: Shah on Monday, August 13th, 2018