Priyanka Gandhi Gets Molested By Congress Workers In RaGa’s Agitation Against Kathua Rape

At a time the entire country is perturbed with the recent Kathua rape case, a recent incident showed how the rape mentality is beset in the minds of certain people, irrespective of one’s political inclination and ethics. They cease any opportunity possible to humiliate and harass women in public.

A recent case in example can be seen in the video furnished below. The video is from the recently held agitation against the government by the Congress party. The party president’s sister – Priyanka Gandhi – was the one who had to face harassment from her own party’s followers. Yes, you are right. Priyanka Gandhi was molested and sexually harassed at the protest meet by the followers of the Congress party. She had to scream and tackle the people herself in order to get rid of the continuous harassment.

Please watch the video yourself to know more –

What do you think of this video? Don’t you think the Congress should also spend considerable time in picking out the flaws from their party before staging any protest march against some other party? It is not to say that any one party is without taint – but isn’t it always better to be perfect yourself before picking out flaws from others? What do you think? Please share your views with us in the comments section below.

By: Shah on Friday, April 13th, 2018