PM Modi’s jibe at Renuka Chowdhury in front of Naidu is the best thing on Internet today

Senior leader of Indian National Congress and Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha, Renuka Chowdhury is known to be an old critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She has been keeping in news on and off for taking repeated jibes at PM Modi and other members of the Bharatiya Janta Party relentlessly.

Of late, there was an instance where Rahul Gandhi was seen sporting a Burberry jacket worth more than Rs 70,000. Burberry itself clarified that. Yet, to save the Gandhi scion from bearing the brunt of criticizers, she claimed that she can get the same jacket at Rs 700, thereby attracting the ridicule of many.

Today at the Parliamentary session where PM Modi was speaking at a debate on the motion of thanks to the Indian President’s speech in the Parliament. Since he was directing both the Houses of the Parliament, Renuka Chowdhary was also present. Just after PM Modi started off with his speech, Renuka Chowdhary’s roaring laughter (along with many’s) literally cut him off. In fact, Rajya Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu had to literally cut him off twice to stop such atrocities on the Congressmen’s part.

While Naidu was being quite strict with his jurisdiction and warned the opposition party members to pay respect to the Parliament, if not to anyone else, PM Modi’s statement on Renuka Chowdhary was absolutely perfect for the situation. Laden with words of wit, PM Modi’s instant sentence not only shut Chowdhury up but also channeled an echo of laughter in the Parliament.

Take a look at what PM Modi had to say to Renuka Chowdhury –

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By: Shah on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018