PM Narendra Modi tears into Indian National Congress in his Lok Sabha speech

In the latest session of Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented his speech on the debate on motion of thanks to the President of India’s address in the Parliament. In doing so, he also launched a scornful attack on the Congress and other opposition parties which partake in dynasty politics.

In a tell-all speech, Prime Minister Modi also said that had Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel been the first prime minister of the country, Pakistan would never have dared to set their eyes on Kashmir, let alone prevailing their dominance over a part of it. It is because of Congress’ love and affinity for one particular family and the family’s undying love to be in power that have culminated in bringing down the fate of the country.

Talking about the work done by the NDA government so far, the Prime Minister was heard saying:

The NDA Government has changed the work culture in the nation. Projects are not only thought about well but also executed in a timely manner….The NDA government is building more roads than the previous one. We have given a strong boost to the infrastructure sector across the nation.

If you haven’t been keeping in touch with the Lok Sabha debates this time, don’t worry for we have you covered. Here’s a glimpse of what our Prime Minister had said in his recent Lok Sabha speech. Take a look –

1. PM Modi attacked the Congress for not uniting during the major crisis in Dokhlam region, and siding with the Chinese instead:

2. Narendra Modi also criticized the Indian National Congress for standing against every policy or reformation brought in by the center, even when it was benefiting the countrymen.

3. One lakh Panchayats got optic fibre in the past three years.

4. “Ye kaisa loktantra tha jisne vote Milne ke baad bhi Patel ko PM nahi banne diya? Agar Patel PM hote to PoK hamara hota.

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By: Shah on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018