Why Manohar Parrikar Is Being Admired On the Internet Today, Will Give Burnol-Moments to AAPTards

It is a well-known truth that in spite of the fact that the politicians are elected by the common people as their leaders, the politicians – especially here in India are seldom as amiable and respectful are they are ought to be. They travel the best, live in the best of houses and make use of the top-class amenities – at least, this has been the case in the decade-long leadership of the Congress party.

It was on these parameters that the Delhi Assembly Elections in 2015 were fought, which saw the rise of Aam Aadmi Party – a party which sought to destruct these double standards of the Indian politicians. However, they failed to practice what they preached before elections.

But things are completely different in the NDA-led Government’s regime. In fact, our politicians at the Centre are an epitome of simplicity and amiability. And Mr Manohar Parrikar, our Defence Minister and the ex-CM of Goa, is a true example of this simplicity. From riding as pillion-rider in bikes to eating at small eateries, he has been doing it all.

Here’s a personal note from a common Indian man, who met the minister at the Delhi airport and had been smitten by his personality:

” Truly amazing Manohar Parrikar , the Indian Defence Minister. Amazed to witness his simplicity today as a true “aam aadmi” as he traveled economy on Indigo Airlines from Goa to Delhi tonight … ZERO VIP perks…. He stood in the line along with other passengers as he boarded the plane – took a seat at the center of the aircraft… No VIP entourage … Got down from the aircraft queuing with rest and boarded the packed airlines bus & stood with other passengers as it ferried passengers from aircraft to arrivals terminal – I believe much of the people didn’t even realize that one of their ordinary looking fellow passenger is *the* Defence Minister of India! True role model, salute the spirit, culture and mindset Sir!”

By: P Shah on Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

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