Pakistani anchors fighting during news break is the best thing you will see today

Workplace is a fun place. It may be a mundane place of sorts, especially when works get piled up on you, but with the colleagues surrounding you – sometimes from various backgrounds – the entire eight hours of office gets becomes quite a playground of sorts. Of course, there is office politics but it makes a part and parcel of the fun, don’t you agree.

While we talk about the fun aspect of office, this video is a gentle reminder that workplace is not always a bed of fragrant roses. This video is not from India but from our western neighbor Pakistan. And here you shall see two journalists, seemingly from a famous Pakistani news channel, fighting with each other like school kids. Of course, they were not on-camera literally as there was advertisement break going on.

Watch these pakistani anchors fighting during the break …..

Posted by Presstitutes on 25 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2018

Anchoring any news show requires a lot of patience – especially because the anchors have to deal with people from so many different backgrounds. But their fight showcases a different story altogether. What do you think? Does it remind you of any Indian journalist? Please share your inputs with us in the comments section below.

By: Shah on Monday, February 26th, 2018