What does Pakistan think about Ajit Doval?

Since the partition of India, Pakistan and India has shared a controversial relationship. It has been over 70 years and still India and Pakistan have not been able to shed their differences and move ahead as jovial neighbors. The problem, undoubtedly, is mainly with Pakistan as it has relentlessly wanted to grab Kashmir as its own territory. From funding terror in Kashmir as well as in various parts of India to favoring the extremist groups in Kashmir, it has done everything to make Kashmir a separate region.

Even during the Congress regime, the condition between India and Pakistan was absolutely untoward. However, the Congress – instead of trying to take the neighbors to task – chose to hide about the discrepancies from the common public. Thankfully, the NDA-led central government is now trying all its might to take Pakistan to task and curb the terror acts in Kashmir as well as in various other parts of India. One of the most important persons who have been charged to do so is Ajit Doval, who is currently serving his term as the National Security Adviser.

Needless to say, this former intelligent and law enforcement’s officer’s appointment as the NSA was met with severe criticism from the Congress, who has nothing better to do than going opposite of everything BJP or PM Modi does. Hence, this time was no different. But don’t you ever wish to know how Pakistan sees this change? This video will let you know about that –

Watch full video what Pakistan think about Ajit Kumar Doval from a live debate of Pakistani media

Posted by SatyaVijayi on 16 ಡಿಸೆಂಬರ್ 2017

It is clear from here that Ajit Doval is indeed a fearful figure to the Pakistanis, who is leagues apart from his Pakistani counterpart. Yet, it is funny to see how Congress has been criticizing his appointment.

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By: Shah on Sunday, December 17th, 2017