Now Pakistan is openly batting for Congress pertaining to Gujarat elections

With the Gujarat state assembly elections underway now, there is a wide-spread apprehension across the state regarding the probable winner. While some journalists like Sagarika Ghose has almost declared a Congress win in the state, authentic reports and surveys suggest it might just be otherwise.

However, while it is acceptable for an Indian to voice his or her support to any particular party, it is definitely unacceptable to get political commentary regarding a state assembly elections from a foreign diplomat or official – especially if the foreign official belongs to the enemy camp or Pakistan. Case in point is Pakistan’s former Army Director General Arshad Rafiq’s open batting for Congress.

In what seems to be a shocking state of affairs, Arshad Rafiq has come out in active support for Congress’ Ahmed Patel and wishes him to become the next chief minister of the state. While their wish to have PM Modi displaced from his chair in the center seem legible enough – for all their efforts to distort India’s peace are going in vain – their active support to a Congress candidate for a particular state’s assembly elections hints at a bigger ploy on part of the neighbors.

Furthermore, the fact that Pakistan is batting openly for Congress does not fail to display Congress’ affection for India’s immediate neighbor along the western border.

This video given below shows a report by News X channel, wherein they show the printed format of a Facebook post, where the former Army General of Pakistan openly favors Ahmed Patel and calls for utmost support to him during the ongoing Gujarat election. Here’s a glimpse of the news video –

What do you think about this video? Do you think even if Congress wins, Ahmed Miyan Patel will be the apt person to hold the reigns of Gujarat? Please share your views in comments section below.

By: Shah on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017