ONE old Tweet of Sagarika enough to show How Sad Their Life Has Become After Modi Came to Power

There was a time when the likes of Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Shekhar, and the whole mandali was given a free foreign tour by the previous Prime Minister, each time he was out visiting another nation. These journalists too, showered all their love and praises on former PM Manmohan Singh.

Here, we present before you just one old tweet of Sagarika Ghose to show just how pathetic their lives have become since Narendra Modi rose to power in 2014. The tweet is from October 2009.

So, journalists like these were having a gala time!

Today, the PM’s airplane does not carry any such journalist (except the people from government broadcasting agencies such as Prasar Bharati). There is no ‘free stay’ at five-star hotels (abroad) or dinners/wine with world’s who’s-who either. Forget about the hefty packages they drew at media-companies that were otherwise running on losses.

Today, these journalists who remained subservient to one Gandhi family, year after year, while keeping their leftist friends close, have been reduced to small-time Twitter trolls who keep defending Congress, AAP and Left but fail bitterly at it.

Here’s another tweet from 2010.. so much love!

Here’s one twitter user rightly pointing out Sagarika Ghose’s condition:


By: kamal on Friday, October 6th, 2017