What Nitish Kumar Did to Kejriwal On Twitter Will Make You Go ROFL

This is interesting.

There was a time when Arvind Kejriwal loved to associate himself with Nitish Kumar. He even asked all AAPTards (no matter how many there are 😉 ) to vote for the maha-thag-bandhan because it was lead by Nitish Kumar – a politician who has no tainted record and has a clean, progressive image among the people. During Bihar elections, Kejriwal even traveled all the way to Patna to be ‘great friends’ with Nitish Kumar and hang out with ‘convicted’ politicians like Laloo.

BUT, does Nitish Kumar want to be friends with Arvind Kejriwal anymore? Given how Kejriwal is perceived right now, no sane politician would want to be seen around him too often.

Nitish Kumar has deleted ONE Tweet from his profile. And do you know what was in there?

Why has Nitish Kumar deleted his tweet? Doesn’t want to associate with this moron anymore?😇

Here’s the tweet from Kejriwal (which happens to be online, even has Nitish Kumar has shown him the finger).

What do you think is cooking? 😉

Claiming to represent The Legions hacking group that went after Barkha, Pappu and others, a twitter account said:


By: KS Bharatiya on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

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