Nine election posters that will make you forget all worldly woes and go ROFL

In a country that boasts of a hundred billion people of various cultural and ethnic diversities, elections are a big task. There are hundreds of political parties, with sometimes as many as ten parties contesting elections from a single place. While mostly the bigger and more famous parties – like BJP, Congress, CPM, etc. – gain recognition, there are various smaller parties which contest the election.

When talk of elections, election postersĀ  – which are the most primitive form of promotion – create huge roars in public. You have to be absolutely to-the-point yet unique to make your posters stand out as well as loved in public. And it is the only way the smaller parties try to gain recognition among the voters (as they hardly have money and other means to organize events and meetings).

However, in a bid to be absolutely different, some of the parties tend to go out of their bounds and make themselves a butt of all ridicule. We have created a list of such promotional posters, which will tickle your funny bones and help you get rid of your Monday morning blues by providing a dash of humor –

1. All I need is vote! I can bend my knees and fall at your feet for that!

2. We may not materialize even our dreams but we can definitely help you dream more!

3. Well, that’s a political party. Beat that!

4. Like, whaaat?

5. Where’s the link? Is it a bid to make Trump happy and make the party’s way straight to America?

6. Vote for us, and we shall help you get rid of “Nirmal Baba”. Funny, isn’t so?

7. Please have mercy on us, our mother is unwell and all the burden now rests on our droopy shoulders.

8. Srimati SEXY Devi?? Are we reading it correct?

9. The best is always saved for the last – Amma being the queen of the world! Well!

So, do you have anything else to add to this list? If so, let us know about it in the comments section below!

By: Shah on Monday, November 27th, 2017