Mumbai Police Slams Varun Dhawan for Flouting Traffic Rules, in Command and Style!

B-town people are known for their swag and moody behavior. Still, fans never really give up when it comes to trying to get a chance to meet and interact with the start they admire. And often, even celebs love taking time to surprise their fans!

In such an event, Varun Dhawan made one of his female fan’s day while they came side by side after getting stuck in traffic. The girl was trying to capture a picture of Varun sitting in the backside of an auto. Varun looked in good mood as he got a little too much out of his seat to get closer to the girl and took her mobile phone to capture a selfie all by himself.

Well, while Varun successfully made his fan more than happy, he got into trouble after a picture of Varun and the girl taking selfies went viral. Eventually, Mumbai Police tweeted that picture on their official handle, gently condemning this childish behavior of the actor. The police warned Varun not to try such on-screen tricks on road and even challaned him for this act.

Here is how Mumbai Police addressed Varun on Twitter:



By: Sharma on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017