A mother wrote to Hindustan pencils about her daughter’s needs and they responded

Human beings are perhaps the most complex machines of all times. All of us might seem and look similar but all of us are so different. While such diversity only lends to portray human beings as the greatest race ever, sometimes it does become a matter of great concern.

Well, a little incident which happened recently will make you understand what we want to convey.

Most of the human beings are right-handed people, so naturally all the arrangements everywhere are mostly done in accordance to it. But have you ever wondered how difficult these arrangements might be for the lefties around us? Well, a mother identified this pain her left-handed daughter was going through in her school and chose to take action immediately.


The incident took place when the mother saw her daughter struggling with pencil sharpeners while studying – both at school and at home – as most of these sharpeners are manufactured keeping in mind the right-handed “normal” kids. So, this mother straightaway wrote to Hindustan Pencils regarded her problem and requested them to look into the matter and come out with something that will help not just her daughter but thousands of lefty kids.

Now, such requests are hardly reciprocated by any company as they generally produce stuff under mass production. But Hindustan Pencils was not one among the herd. They not only replied to the letter but even sent her daughter few sharpeners that were formulated especially for her. Here’s the letter –

This story was featured recently on Reddit, and it was lauded by all!

What do you think of this incident? Don’t you think it was a wonderful gesture by Hindustan Pencils? Also, don’t you think certain important elements should be crafted – perhaps in a lesser amount – keeping in mind the lefties as well? Please share your views in comments section below!

By: Shah on Saturday, December 16th, 2017