Modi sarkar vs. Manmohan Singh government: who’s better? Let this railway statistics talk

2014 was a revolutionary year in Indian politics. It marked the culmination of the 10-year long UPA government and flagged the beginning of a flourishing NDA government led by former Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

As the chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi had ushered innumerable laurels to the state, and literally transformed it. Right after taking the oath as the Prime Minister of India, he jumped into action and introduced many economic reforms and schemes to the country. He even revamped numerous failed schemes of the erstwhile UPA government and made them work wonderfully.

A recent case in example is the amount the Indian government stipulated to be distributed in Maharashtra for the purpose of bettering the Railway network. The government headed by PM Modi has stipulated an amount which is 468% more than what the erstwhile Manmohan Singh government had for the western Indian state, where railways is considered to be one of the prime and busiest modes of transportation.

Take a glimpse of the newly formulated Railway budget here –

Well, one would indeed be surprised to know that the UPA government had stipulated Rs 1,171 crore for railways in Maharashtra for a span of five years. On the other hand, Rs 6,658 crore have been sanctioned by the NDA government to Maharashtra railways for various implementations to be taken in a single year – 2018-19.

And this was just an example. The government led by PM Modi has ushered in a lot of schemes and yojanas for the benefit of poor and common people  of the country. Yet, the intellectual brigade of the country never cease to raise their voice against every step taken by Modi sarkar.

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By: Shah on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018