Militants in Kashmir get a taste of their own medicine as they went to rob a bank in Noopora area

In what seems to be a surprising moment for the militants in Kashmir, a bank robbery initiated by them was thwarted by the commoners of Kashmir, who continuously hurled stones at the militants. The incident occurred today morning in Jammu and Kashmir’s Noopora area.

Complimenting the commoners for showcasing such bravery amid crisis, Munir Khan, the Inspector General of Police, Kashmir Range, said:

Terrorists entered the Jammu and Kashmir Bank branch in Tral’s Noorpora, and they obviously wanted to loot public money. Compliments to the people (locals) as they resisted very bravely that made the terrorists retreat.

As per police reports, infamous terrorist Zakir Musa of Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind group had entered the bank along with two of his fellow confidantes and started creating havoc inside the branch. As soon as they entered the building, they fired two rounds of guns before they started their loot.

However, on hearing the gunshots, commoners from neighborhood rushed towards the bank. They not only raised hues and cries but also tried with all their might to stop the militants by relentlessly pelting stones at them. Seeing such public rage, Musa and his team were horrendously taken aback. They started firing aimlessly at the crowd in order to slip out of the ordeal.

Although the commoners could not stop Musa and his associates completely, they did manage to thwart what was intended to be a gigantic robbery to a great extent. According to reports furnished by ANI, the militants escaped with just Rs 97,000. An FIR has been lodged at Awantipura Police Station. It was due to the local residents’ effort that the terrorists could be identified without much hassle.

It is to be remembered that in July this year, Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Musa was declared as the chief of  Ansar Ghazwat-Ul-Hind, the newly created al-Qaida cell in Jammu and Kashmir.

Source: ANI

By: Shah on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017