Mauritian MP singing a Bhojpuri song in New Delhi is the best thing you will see today

The PIO Parliamentary Conference is currently being held in New Delhi by the Central government. The conference saw the participation of as many as 124 members of the Indian Parliament along with as many as 17 mayors from 23 participating countries took part in the event hosted for the first time by the Indian government.

One of the delegates participating in the PIO Parliamentary Conference today is Oree Gowkaran. Originally hailing from India, Gowkaran is a Mauritian Member of Parliament and also the Mauritian Parliamentary Private Secretary. Although he has been born and brought up in the beautiful African island country, he has never been too far from his roots. A devout Hindu, his love for India was portrayed to perfection when he matched his voice to the tunes of a Bhojpuri number.

Of course, the very fact that a foreign MP was singing a Bhojpuri song simply had us grasped. But, what surprised us all the more was how deeply he was singing the song and how perfect his voice was! Definitely, after listening to this video, he will be floored with accolades apart from an offer or two from the Bhojpuri music industry. Take a look at the video here –

What do you think of Gowkaran’s song? Isn’t his voice simply delightful? At a time when many Indian citizens and “intellectuals” fails to even speak their mother tongue properly, Gowkaran’s perfect words and delightful voice is seemed really fresh and soothing. What do you think? Please let us know about your opinion in the comments section below.

By: Shah on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018